Criminal media silence & new colonial wars by Stella Calloni

Criminal media silence & new colonial wars
Stella Calloni

This isn’t any article, or a note, this is an outcry, a call from a desperate voice to set the alarm. This is a tentative way to raise some sense of solidarity, and to gather together as many voices of good will to denounce, since we face such a coward and accomplice silence. There is a heavy price to be paid anyway for that terrible silence by all of us.
Thank you for forwarding this call.

As we say today enough is enough to distorted information and war, it is a way to make a decision about the kind of future we want. Shall we leave behind us for our children new colonies o free countries? People all around the world who are about to die right now, do need us today.

This is why it’s time to say enough is enough to media terrorism that means daily distorted information, like turning victim, such as Syrian people and its government, into executioner.

We ought not to let Syria or Iran down. In addition, we have to stop that criminal action against Palestinian people for the sake of humanity. We have to stop all those threats aimed at Our America, and go for life against war and death. Humanity future is seriously at stake, a historic time when the fate of specie and whole life continuum are pending.

Let’s remember:

First, they went after Afghanistan. We didn’t move since we didn’t know. Statement from media systems pretended the invaders were right. To this day, no one knows any truth about what really happened to the twin towers; however all countries since 2001 are under threat created by imperial powers, most armed and the mafia kind ever seen in history.

Then, they went after Iraq. We heard some voices against, but they were isolated and weak. Anyway, media systems washed it down and gave way to the invasion. For all atrocities committed there by such invaders, they only showed few images, not knowing if for fun or to scare people.

Recently, they made up for what they called Arab spring just to make sure they abort that process of genuine spring on its way: pretend change so nothing changes.

Then, they went after Libya. They all of a sudden discovered that there was over there a vicious dictator to be taken on. We said we didn’t know, we used to read, listen to just one unique speech, one voice, images passed through invader filter; never were we allowed to see those killed by thousands from bombardments nor all that massacre by invaders. Is that we were confused or did we let it happen?

Now they go after Syria, a country far away from us such as the other ones, in some strategic area perfect for those who try to dominate the whole world. However, Syria is a peaceful country; Syrians by the million took to the streets as ever before to stress their support to their government and for peace sake. But, again media systems decide otherwise telling the story in a reverse way. To them, terrorist attacks and mercenaries civilian murdering as well as imperial special troops on the ground of course all of it does not exist.

In addition, when army defends the country, media systems tend to put up death toll on government as evidence of its repression against the people. This way, foreign invasion might look as humanitarian help mission.

This is the most perverse and fascistic type. How long can we tolerate such criminal lie with impunity? When precisely comes up Iran turn now. We are witnessing such full out brutal campaign against Iran, out of any proportion.

So, with such pattern of distorted news, with repeated lies spurred out by thousands of media all over the world, TV, radio, newspapers, all of them with the only aim to suffocate any alternative voice, to burry truth of the matter to the point we become unable to think with proper mind and feel with our heart.

From day one, since that first time we became accomplice keeping quite when millions of human beings have been murdered within horrible conditions, other thousands made disappear; when precious cultural treasure and human history are being destroyed; when secret prisons are created; when people have been submitted to unbelievable torture as we see Nazism came back with more sophisticated technologies: the whole thing is being implemented in name of democracy and humanitarianism.

However, we still prefer not to know, not to remember, no question asked.

As a way of paraphrasing the eternal Bertold Brecht, at the time they come after us, it will be late. Everything we let them do against our brothers, they surely will apply it against us. All governments who dare to defy imperial powers should be wiped out from this planet. All countries with its people having gained consciousness are a threat and should be submitted and invaded back to colonial system.

As long as we keep being passive, who to call for help when they go after us?

Stella Calloni
Translated into English
by Rashid SHERIF


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